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The new book by M. PELL

Author of “Envisioning Holograms” and “The Age of Smart Information”

How AI, Data Viz, and the Metaverse are transforming
how we see and understand global business

We all know Business is constantly changing – so why are we still using static representations to make decisions?

Despite decades of advancements in reporting and analytics, we’ve never managed to properly convey the energy and highly-dynamic nature of living business systems. These ever-changing, increasingly complex entities cannot be explained in static terms. Yet, we still insist on using primitive charts and graphics to depict them in every situation.

No longer.

The emergence of a new approach called “4D”, fueled by Artificial Intelligence, Web3, and the Metaverse, coupled with advanced visualization and data techniques, now provide us with the ability to not only see, but truly understand what is happening within our businesses.

Utilizing these state-of-the-art techniques for representing process, systems, and flow – business will forevermore be shown as living, breathing, immersive representations, in a form that truly depicts their ever-changing nature.

Welcome to the 4th Dimension, and the future of global business.

Deceptively powerful and stunningly beautiful, this monumental leap forward in us better understanding the inner workings of our businesses has always been right there in front of us, hiding in plain sight, waiting to be unlocked. All it took was the convergence of human ingenuity, artificial intelligence, and the rise of a medium capable of magic.

“The ability for us to rewind and fast forward “time”, at will, is one the most significant advances in the history of business. It will underlie and power everything that will come next.”

– M. Pell

In this book, M. Pell takes us through stunning example after example of how this new 4D approach is uniquely suited for Visualizing Business. Like so many other breakthroughs fueled by AI, this critical aspect of our communication looks breathtakingly new, but is really based on simple principles and solid fundamentals.

Visualizing Business takes you on a fast-paced and entertaining look at the next giant leap forward in global business management and communications – get ready to experience the future.


M. Pell

Bold, insightful, and uncompromising, M. Pell is recognized as a thought leader in the fields of Holographic Envisioning and Smart Information. Pell’s first design book “Envisioning Holograms” is considered a must-have for tomorrow’s most influential storytellers and explorers. His new book “The Age of Smart Information” details how the fundamental nature of information is transforming thanks to combination of AI + XR.

Pell leads Design for The Microsoft Garage, the company’s outlet for experimental projects and curiosity-fueled explorations worldwide.

As a lifelong Designer/Coder, he has consistently been on the leading edge of design and innovation over his thirty-years in high-technology. Career highlights include creating the original Adobe Acrobat and PDF, working with Pixar to pioneer 3D type generation with RenderMan, developing a rapid design methodology called Fast Design, and being the inventor on over a dozen U.S. Patents. Pell’s evolution from intrepid entrepreneur, to VC-backed startup veteran, to corporate man for Adobe and Microsoft has given him a unique perspective on how to combine business, experience, and technology to create breakthrough experience.

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